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One of the most effective Link Building strategies includes Niche edits. You see many of your competitors rocketing their way on the first page of Google by using Niche edits SEO strategy. Our team comprises professionals belonging to each different type of niche so that we can consider your project determining various aspects.

Our company has dealt with many niches and we have worked successfully with businesses, individuals, startups, and whatnot. We’re ready to take on your order, so contact us now if you have any queries.

DA 20+

Small blogs
£ 40
  • Relevant Links
  • Moz DA 20+ Guaranteed
  • Good TF/CF Ratio
  • Editorial In-Content Link
  • 1 Anchor Text / Target URL
  • 9 days turnaround time

DA 30+

Established blogs
£ 70
  • Relevant Links
  • Moz DA 30+ Guaranteed
  • Good TF/CF Ratio
  • Editorial In-Content Link
  • 1 Anchor Text / Target URL
  • 9 days turnaround time
Most Popular

DA 40+

Authoritative blogs
£ 150
  • Relevant Links
  • Moz DA 40+ Guaranteed
  • Good TF/CF Ratio
  • Editorial In-Content Link
  • 1 Anchor Text / Target URL
  • 9 days turnaround time

DA 50+

Large publications
£ 320
  • Relevant Links
  • Moz DA 50+ Guaranteed
  • Good TF/CF Ratio
  • Editorial In-Content Link
  • 1 Anchor Text / Target URL
  • 9 days turnaround time

DA 60+

Platinum 1K+ Traffic
£ 430
  • Relevant Links
  • Moz DA 60+ Guaranteed
  • Good TF/CF Ratio
  • Editorial In-Content Link
  • 1 Anchor Text / Target URL
  • 9 days turnaround time

How Niche Edits Work

1. Place An Order

Buy Niche Edits order from us according to the DA and niche requirement. Contact us to inform about further requirements that you want us to fulfill.

2. Approval

Once we find the most suitable websites, we’ll contact you for further processing of your order after your approval.

3. Niche Edit Backlink Generated

We’ll send you a new email with the Niche edit backlink once it has been published.

Our Niche Edit Process

1. Outreaching

We will ask you to send in the anchor text and the targeted URLs that need to be placed. Once achieved, our outreach team will scrutinize the websites to find the best relevant niche blog posts that perfectly suit your requirements.

2. Content

Our expert content writers’ team will examine that blog post and add in suitable content including your anchor text in the flow of writing. Here we will insert the niche edits link.

3. View Your Placements

You can monitor every step we take towards inserting the niche edits link and we will keep you updated on our work by sharing screenshots. You will be aware of the blog posts we will incorporate your link in and we will share the complete ranking metrics of those blog posts with you.

Benefits Of Niche Edits

Genuine Outreach

We will place the Niche edits links on genuine relevant websites, with less spam score and DA according to your requirements. 

In-Content Links

Our team will incorporate the link in the flow of writing by editing the blog post professionally.

Content Quality

Our Content writers’ team will generate 100% unique and first-class content with 0% plagiarism.

Domain Authority (DA)

We will outreach the sites with DA scores according to your requirements. Our preference is high DA scores to rank your website quickly.

No Replication

We avoid using the same blog posts or content we have used for other clients. You can trust us for not replicating link placements. We will provide you with unique and best links for Niche Edits.

What Is A Niche Edit And Why Use Niche Edit Backlinks?

Niche Edits involve the insertion of links in an already written content/blog post, that is why it is also called Link Inserts. This Niche edits strategy helps gain a lot of traffic to your website because the niche edits link will be inserted in a blog post that is already ranking. It will drive the link juice to your website as well. Niche edits are mostly preferred by websites since they are loaded with guest post requests so, they only need link inserts.

Do Niche Edits Links Work?

The Niche edits strategy helps to rank your website higher on the SERPs and it also drives organic and authentic traffic to your website. Since high traffic would be following on the already existing content, it will be a lot efficient to insert your link on such content. The traffic will drive towards your website and your website ranking will boost.

Why Buy Niche Edits Service From Us?

We are committed to our work and our passions for Link Building strategies stand out as we try our best to keep our promises. To know more about how we work at Digital Penguin, here’s why you should consider us:

From our Blogger outreach service to the Niche edits service, we move forward with our work only after getting your approval. We will contact the bloggers and publish Niche Edits links only after you approve them. We will help you with the confusion and troubles you’re facing to get things done smoothly.

We will update you with our progress and any trouble we would face with your project. Transparency is our main feature for building trust with our clients. 

We work with achieving high-quality links by inserting the link on a website with high DA that has a lot of traffic on its content.

You can have our surety once you buy niche edits service from us. We will avoid any circumstances that would cause drawbacks. 

By choosing relevant sites to incorporate your link in the content, your website will rank ultimately a lot higher than inserting a link on a website that is irrelevant. Also, relevant keywords and content play a major part in ranking your site.

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Our Refund Policy

We offer a full refund option in case you’re not satisfied with our Niche Edits service. We will also remove the Niche Edit backlink.

Guest Post Vs Niche Edits

In case you are confused about which Link Building service you require, here are a few tips from Digital Penguin:

Go for Blogger Outreach service in case you want your own or a separate guest post along with the anchor text to be published on a website. An overall high-quality blog post can be written that would include images that you prefer and content that best suits your requirement.

You can go for Niche Edits links if you do not want to go through the trouble of getting high-quality content written. It is also preferred by most bloggers that are already loaded with too many guest posting requests, so they only accept Niche Edits.

You can also check your budget for the month and see what’s suitable for you since the Niche Edits service is a bit cheaper than the Blogger Outreach service.


You can buy our Blogger outreach service and Niche Edits service at the best price.


Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Yes, we focus on and cover every niche.

Yes, our methods are legitimate and authentic. We avoid penalties at every step.

Yes, if you cannot provide anchor texts then we can generate one according to your needs.

Yes, we offer discounts according to the number of Niche edit backlinks order you place.

Yes, our link inserts are permanent.

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